The Importance Of A Team Player Because Working Together Essay

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It 's important to be a team player because working together can accomplish more than working alone. I have worked as a manager for many years and have been pretty effective at being reliable. I did so by setting go examples such as being on time, adhering to the dress code as well as showing my employees that I work hard. It was never " I 'm your boss, so I won 't sweep the floor or do dishes." It was we are in this together." My superiors were also able to count on me to be their right hand and complete my job effectively.
I 'm very outspoken and believe in speaking up for myself and others but I could improve my communication skills by being more positive. For people that don 't know me, I may come across harsh and negative which doesn 't help in any relationship, especially in a working environment. I will work on my tone as well as my facial expressions so my words can be understood in a respectful manner. The motto that I try to live by is " listen to understand and not to respond." It 's important to be a good listener and to make sure the other person feels as if they are being heard. If one is only listening to respond the ideas, opinions, or thoughts of another aren 't being heard or valued. I 'm a great listener but could improve on receiving positive criticism better instead of getting upset.
I 'm not passive and have always contributed my skills and knowledge to making my team better but have come across like a know-it-all or being selfish. I will work on…

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