Essay on The Importance Of A Marketing Campaign Towards A Brand

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This essay will analyse the importance of a marketing campaign towards a brand through “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” is a 2010 television advertising campaign in the United States by Old Spice. Starring former NFL player, Isaiah Mustafa, the campaign was highly successful and was met with favourable reception (Reiss, 2010). It was a hit on YouTube with over 43 million views by 2012 (Harvey, 2012). It won several awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial in 2010.

Old Spice is an American brand specializing in man grooming products such as shaving soap, aftershave lotion, and man body wash to name a few. Their intended target market is clearly the male demographics. Old Spice introduced their body wash products in 2003 (D&AD, nd). However, with the sales of body wash increasing over the years many similar brands have entered the market therefore increasing the competition for Old Spice. By 2009, the fierce competition caused Old Spice’s share in the market segment slipping and Old Spice wanted to turn the situation around (D&AD, nd). Most men products’ such as men body wash were actually bought by their female counterparts instead of men purchasing it themselves. This prompted Old Spice to change their brand position in the market. It is no longer just focusing on men as their target demographics but women are taken into consideration.

The objective of this marketing campaign is to give Old Spice’s…

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