Negative Effects Of Advertising On Women

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Negative Effects of Overly Sexualised Advertisements on Young Girls

Abstract: With the burgeoning of the advertisement industry, there is a presence of exploiting women for their looks to sell a greater quantity of a product. Using over sexualisation and sexism to portray a woman, therefore provoking thoughts of self esteem issues and ruining the confidence of young girls. This study includes the research of academic articles to support the thesis. Also, the analyzation of major perfume companies, is used to support the statement of the negativity in the advertisements affects young girls.
Key words: perfume companies; advertisements; sexualisation; sexism; self esteem; girls
“Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible,
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Each of the perfume companies characterized women in specific ways to exploit the models traits to sell more of the product. While analyzing the companies, there were clear indications that some companies illustrated women more sexually than other companies. While examining the advertisements, there were two types of criteria to analyze, if the body type is relatable and if the women in the advertisements had enough clothing on to be appropriate for young girls.
The perfume company that appeared the least offensive to young girls was Dior. Dior focused on selling to girls and women, making their advertisements visually appealing with choice of color and themes of the advertisement, making them superior to the other companies. The models that are highlighted in the advertisements are almost all clothed, wearing dresses showing that the advertisements are appropriate for young girls to influenced by the company. The downfall of the Dior perfume advertisements is the lack of normal body types, nearly all the models have very slender unrealistic bodies that can cause girls to look at themselves and think that they need to be skinny to be
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Calvin Klein included an abundant amount overly sexualized women. The women in the advertisements rarely had an acceptable amount of clothing, most models were dressed in underwear with an exception of a few wearing dresses. Many of the models were posed in inappropriate positions to sell the product with as much “sex appeal” as possible. Calvin Klein like many of the other companies to follow often had women as accessories to men. Showing women this way has a negative effect on the way girls view sexism as normal. Analyzing the Gucci advertisements many interesting points materialized. Gucci heavily relied on using women as ornaments to men while selling the product to female buyers. By the company achieving this it is sending a message that women cannot do things on their own, but need the help of men to be successful. The models in the advertisements are almost always wearing less than underwear. The company with the worst portrayal of women is Dolce and Gabbana. Dolce and Gabbana suffer from major signs of sexism and over sexualisation. Dolce and Gabbana’s perfume ads have featured in their advertisements almost nude models more than once. The message that this is sending is that it is acceptable for women to be so overly sexualized in public advertisements that are shown all over the world. The models are also shown in overly sexy positions and are framed as ornaments to men. Dolce

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