The Impact of Servicescape in a Restaurant on Customer Behavioral

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In order to be successful, restaurant operators need to create a pleasant servicescape and provide excellent service to their customers. The servicescape is the physical environment of a service organization where the service transaction occurs. It is composed of some elements such as the colour, music, scent, layout, lighting, and design in a physical environment. There is enough evidence to suggest that the servicescape has a strong impact on consumption experiences. Similarly, most services are characterized by service encounters. That is, the interaction between service staff and customers throughout the entire service process. Therefore, customers
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3 kinds of dimensions of servicescape which are: ambient factor, design factor and also social factor. Ambient factor consist of lighting, artifacts, music, symbol and sign. Sign is displayed on the exterior and interior of a structure. They can be used as labels like the name of company, name of department, or the directional purpose such as exit and entrance, no smoking sign, smoking sign. Design factor consist of lay out and colour. Spatial layout refers to the ways in which machinery, equipment, and furnishing are arranged, the size and shape of those items, and the spatial relationships among them. Social factor is all about interaction between the restaurant staff with the customer.

Emotion on customers behavioral that consist of pleasure, arousal or desire on satisfaction is always stick in each individual. Emotion produces an individual’s physiological, subjective and behavioral response. There are 3 dimensions such as pleasure, arousal, and characterized an individual’s feeling. Pleasure refers to the hedonic quality of stimuli and it is characterized as extending along a single dimension from extreme displeasure to extreme pleasure. About the stimuli it can be influenced by environmental attributes such as colours, scent, and music, as well as the service encounter. Pleasure is used as indicator of it because it has received the most

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