Customer Service Policy: A & B Trucking

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Customer Service Policy
Once receiving my associate degree in business management and retail marketing. My personal goals are to utilize my degree and start my own tow company called A&B towing. A &B will be for Ashley Brooks. My tow company will be started in Jacksonville, Florida and operated by myself and five other workers. I would need a truck driver and one for backup in case one calls out. I will need a phone representative do call the order in and to help direct driver to the customer. I will need someone to make sure payments are process and correctly input into the business account. When I’m not at the office I want to have someone at the office to make sure everyone and everything is done correctly.
Secondly, when running a business you deal with several types of moods and personalities of people. So having good components in customer service does help the environment. A&B towing service will have a phone representative and with this position the phone representative must be prompt when answering the phone and greet the customers. When tracking the information on the
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Employees will be required to multi-task when giving and receiving information. Also answer the phone in a timely manner to assist a customer. Employees will also know how to make simple repairs such as replacing a tire or spark plugs, jumping batteries and fixing disconnected or broken wires. If the customer calls the company because they broke down because running out of gas, the driver on duty must fill of can with a few gallons of gas to help the customer to a safe place. Of course there will be a fee for bringing gas to the customer. The employee must be able to work in type of weather conditions. Tow truck driver will be required to report if maintenances need to be done on the truck. If there is maintenance issue such as; engine repair, new tires, brakes and things that may be unseen to the

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