3D Printing: SMART Boards In The Classroom

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Technology is everywhere. It is as everywhere as the air mammals breathe in to stay alive. All aspects of technology have made their way into the streets, skies, and even education. Technology has drastically changed education since the beginning of the 21st century. Technological devices released over the last sixteen years have made learning more innovating for students and teaching more opportunistic for teachers. Classroom integration of emerging technologies like 3D printing, SMART boards, and mobile technology have changed the teaching and learning processes in ways that are beneficial for students and teachers in elementary and secondary education.

3D Printing Originally developed in the 1980s, 3D printers were first used mainly to
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Over the course of those twenty years, SMART Boards have become an integral part of elementary, middle, and high school classrooms all over the world.

How it Works SMART Boards are relatively easy to use, which is one of the many reasons why the majority of schools have at least one in each classroom. SMART Boards use a form of technology that responds to pressure, have large surfaces, and come with four electronic markers and one electronic eraser. When pressure is put on a SMART Board’s screen, signals are sent to a computer that is programmed to react to the touch (Santos-Carrillo, 2014).

Classroom Integration Since they are essentially interactive white boards, classrooms of all ages and levels can use SMART Boards.
Elementary school teachers mainly use SMART Boards as projectors, video players, and art tools. Elementary aged students do not have as many opportunities to use a SMART Board as students in higher-grade levels do, but having one in younger grade levels is still beneficial. For example, teachers can have students pick a digital icon that appeals to them. At the beginning of class every day, the students can drag their icon to wherever their first and last names are located on the SMART Board. Once the students have completed this, the teacher can then record the attendance. Not only is this process faster than calling
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Many consider mobile technology to be the most important form of technology schools have adopted. Mobile devices have impacted teachers in a way that has changed education so much. It would be absolute chaos to teach in the 21st century without the help of computers due to the fact that the majority of teachers use them every single day. Mobile devices have given teachers the opportunity to create lesson plans that are organized, legible, and available to all students via their teaching website. They also keep teachers connected with each other and the parents of their students thanks to e-Mailing

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