Importance Of Contextual Factors Affecting Teaching And Learning

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For any teacher to be successful in profession of teaching, one of the fundamental qualities has been the ability to understand the factors that may impact the process of teaching-learning. In this respect, the understanding of the contextual factors which may affect the learner’s ability to learn, is crucial. It is worthwhile to note that these contextual factors are never fixed and hence they keep on changing from class to class, therefore the teacher should have capability to analyze and understand the specific needs of a learner or a class.
Broadly, the contextual factors are viewed under two categories. The first category is the community, which refers to where the learner lives. It is important to note that, the environment
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The school is located in a rural area where the some of the learners have to walk for long distances before arriving to the school. This has been one of the major challenges in the teaching learning process since the learners arrive to school already exhausted. Secondly, the fact that the local community actively involves the learners in the family chore upon arriving home cannot be overlooked. Many of the learners report that they usually have family chores awaiting them as they come from school, and most of which are difficult and are completed when it is time to sleep. Among these chores, in farming activities, since the school is located in a community where intensively practice farming. This leaves the learners with little or no time for doing any homework given by their teachers. Consequently, this makes it difficult for the teachers to give out homework and hence affecting the teaching learning …show more content…
The classes are well ventilated, with white boards strategically place on the wall in front of the class, at a position in which every learner form any point in the class can be able to see writing on it clearly. The learners seat on lockers which are arranged in rows to give the class a descent sitting arrangement. The door is well fitted and can be locked when there are no learners in school. The class is specious, and can allow movements of the teacher when teaching, though the high number of students remains a challenge.
Availability of technology equipment and resources
Technology is effectively being used in my school. In all the classes from which lessons are taught, these are computers placed in strategic positions for use with projectors during lesson delivery. The lesson notes are projected on the white board for the learners to view ant take notes. In the computer labs, there are smart board which are used for teaching. This technology has been very useful when doing demonstrations. Smart boards are interactive, and hence they make it possible for model to be used for demonstrations.
Extent of parental

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