Christian Worldview Impact

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The Impact of a Christian Worldview
Everyone has a worldview whether it is recognized or not. Our worldview dictates how we live our lives in everything that we say and do in our world today. Examining our personal worldview is important to understanding what motivates us and identifying where we might need to make adjustments so that our worldview lines up with what God has purposed for us. With so many worldviews in the world today, we will consider the impact of the Christian worldview on our thinking and our choices.
Worldview Definition
A worldview is defined by Weider & Gutierrez as “your philosophy of life” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2014). John Valk says, “Worldviews are visions of life as well as ways of life” (Valk, 2012). Ones worldview
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The meaning/purpose question asks, why do we (mankind) exist? When speaking of this question, John Valk quotes Desmond Tutu as saying our purpose is to “give God glory by reflecting His beauty and His love” (Valk, 2010). Our text references John 17:3, pointing to man’s purpose being rooted in a relationship with God through knowledge of the Father and the Son ((Weider & Gutierrez, 2014)). In Gen. 1:28, God also gave Adam the meaning and purpose of man’s life in the beginning. God repeats this same thing to Noah in Gen. 9:1-3. Along with this, Jesus said that the most important purpose of man was first to love God and then our neighbor …show more content…
My biblical worldview influences me to think of the will of God when it comes to how I treat and speak to others on a daily basis. The scripture admonishes that I treat others as I would like to be treated (Matt.7:12). Eph. 4:15-16 tells me that to speak the truth in love. Matt.5:43-45 tells me love even my enemies and not to curse them. These are scriptures that I have made a concerted effort to live by. While I have not always succeeded, I know that this is the will of God for me.
2. When it comes to my future career, I will choose what God has revealed to me is His purpose for me, Christian Family Counseling. I have spent years trying to avoid the tedious part of this assignment (the formal education) for many years. God has been patient with me and has allowed me, like Thomas, to see the truth regarding His need for what He has placed in me to be used in the earth for His glory. So I have surrendered my will to His and returned to school to complete my degree. I have embraced what He has called me to do trusting that what I need for success, He has already provided. I am often reminded of the parable of the talents. When it is all said and done I want to hear the Lord say, “Well done…”

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