The Impact Of A Christian Worldview On Our Thinking And Our Choices

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The Impact of a Christian Worldview
Everyone has a worldview whether it is recognized or not. Our worldview dictates how we live our lives in everything that we say and do in our world today. Examining our personal worldview is important to understanding what motivates us and identifying where we might need to make adjustments so that our worldview lines up with what God has purposed for us. With so many worldviews in the world today, we will consider the impact of the Christian worldview on our thinking and our choices.
Worldview Definition
A worldview is defined by Weider & Gutierrez as “your philosophy of life” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2014). John Valk says, “Worldviews are visions of life as well as ways of life” (Valk, 2012). Ones worldview is a view, based on perceptions believed to be rooted in truth, through which one makes decisions for life and about life. An individual’s behaviors and actions are governed by her worldview.
Biblical/Christian Worldview
A worldview addresses 5 questions regarding life: origin, identity, meaning/purpose, morality and destiny. Let’s address each from a Biblical/Christian worldview.
1. The question of origin asks, “How did life begin? How did mankind come into existence?” According to the Bible, the triune God created life from a universe that was void and without life. The process of creation took 6 days, with mankind being created on the 6th day, and on the 7th day God rested (Gen. 1:1-2:7; Mark 10:6 NKJV).
2. The question of identity…

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