Essay about The Feminist Movement Of Society

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Slowly trudging through books I hated but was forced to read in an high school.
Participating in a political discussion about the modern feminist movement in society (I won’t tell you my opinion, it’s bound to make someone angry at me). My mother tucking me into bed to read “The Little Engine That Could”. Though these three scenarios are vastly different, and occurred in different parts of my upbringing, they do share one thing in common: they have all contributed toward my literacy. A lot of times where my literacy was being grown I really disliked. I loved mathematics, science and politics (the latter especially as I entered my high school years), but I hated english class. I didn’t like the fact that I had to write about my feelings, or do a presentation where I had to be Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. Overall, though, my literacy has been a lifelong journey. Through reading and writing, learning from teachers and debate, my literary adventure has fostered the person I am today.
To begin, there have been many people that have helped develop my literacy throughout my lifetime. The single biggest influence being my mother. Every single day after school in when I was younger she would force me to switch off reading between her and I. At the time, I despised it, it felt like a chore. I would do anything I could to avoid having to do, whether it be throwing a fit or trying to distract her. But, she was relentless about it, and it eventually paid off.
By fifth grade, I was…

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