Essay about The Abortion Controversy Of Abortion

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The Abortion Controversy

Abortion is a very controversial topic because some parents blame their child’s social behavior for having a baby and put morals and values in front of their child’s health, however some people support the right to an abortion without consent due to individual rights.

Parents deserve the right to be included in the settlement of their child’s abortion. 70 percent to 75 percent of minors involve their parent in their decision for wanting an abortion. Parents should be consulted and involved in the decision of their own child. Minors, referring to children under the age of 17, must have parental consent to follow through with an abortion. Most parents believe, as Naomi Nix, who wrote the article ‘Parental Notification Law on Abortions Upheld’ stated that, “parents deserve the right to be notified and involved if their child is undergoing an abortion” (Nix). Unless in a complete emergency, parents/guardians will be notified in under 48 hours before performing an abortion on a minor. Researchers have found out that, “3,560 teens in Illinois between the ages 15 and 17 got abortions in 2008” (Nix). In the state of Arizona, minors must have parental consent for a procedure to be done, which caused the total abortion percentage to decline since teens are no longer able to go behind their parent’s back. As Gary Grado, who wrote the article ‘Arizona Courts Often Approve Abortions…

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