Argument Against Abortion Essay

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How do you feel being forced to sacrifice yourself for someone that you do not even know yet? Is it fair for the woman to take on the ordeal of having another human being in their life when they can barely take care of themselves? Does the animosity of society looking down on abortion sway the woman 's decision on having the abortion? I am not saying that I believe that it is right to have an abortion. The ideal way would be for every pregnant women to be able to take care of and want the baby. However, it should be the women’s choice to be able to have an abortion without it being illegal or without them being judged by society. Every pregnant women has a different circumstance and they may not be able to that child even though they wanted to. Giving the idea that having an abortion is morally wrong forces women to risk their lives having the baby aborted …show more content…
“...Argues that a woman is justified in aborting if pregnancy and childbearing will prevent her from pursuing the life she wants to live, the expression of her own autonomy” (Markowitz). Isn’t it correct that the man has the choice to live his own life and cut off anything that hinders his success? In terms of feminism then the woman should also be able to have the chance to be free from what she considers will be a burden to her success. “Judith Jarvis Thomson ingeniously argues that even if the fetus has a right to life, it need not also have the right to use its mother 's body to stay alive” (Markowitz). This could be due to the fact that not all surgeries are safe. Having an abortion is also surgery, although removing the baby while it is still small and developing will be a safer process than when it is full grown. It is the carrier 's body and if the woman chooses to not risk herself for the child then she should be entitled to that

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