Tablets Should Be Used For School Essay

2039 Words Nov 15th, 2016 9 Pages
Would you rather write all of your school work by hand and look up everything up in a book, or type all of your work and look it up on the internet? I like to use the technology that we use in our daily lives at school. I like it’s more fun. Also, I love doing projects at school rather than doing little assignments out of the book. Research shows that kids learn better with technology than with books. I think this is true for me too. We also use computers, phones, and other things like that at home, so we have more time with those than books. Even though tablets can be distracting, tablets should be used in schools in this modern day because it helps kids learn, and connect to more ideas than textbooks, and no need for paper anymore as everything is digital.

I do better on a test, but it’s not just me that says that. says, “Students who used an interactive, digital version of an Algebra 1 textbook for Apple 's iPad in California 's Riverside Unified School District in 2012 scored 20 percent higher on standardized tests vs. students who learned with print textbooks.” Also, it same that teachers can never get all of the Washington standers by the ended of the year. Tablets help students learn more material faster. Technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 30-80%, according to the US Department of Education and studies by the National Training and Simulation Association. Kids also can read more books on their…

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