Student Should Not Put A Cap On Tuition Essay

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Government shouldn’t put a cap on the university tuition rate. Due to student lack of education cause to have no jobs and default of the lifestyle there in. It would not be a good thing to put a cap on tuition rate.

Lacks of education in the U.S. be low because the fact that student doesn’t have money to pay for school which is causing the students to drop out of school. So, why not put a cap on tuition? More than half of students don’t go to school. It’s affecting the U.S. statistics, but lack of education is caused of lack parenting and control over students as in tuition. It’s hard to pay for certain kinds of schooling and to pay. That’s why students do not want to attend school or other school activities. There’s a way to stop all this and help students in the u.s. by putting
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See if schooling was a low rate, there would be so much student admits going to school nut since it’s so high hardly any students that come straight out of high school don’t go to college. They either don’t qualify for college such as financial aid schooling which is the problem. It’s really hard for the students to go to school and have no jobs because they’re not educated. So what are they really doing and learning. It’s not going to assist because now you hardly can get a job with a high school diploma and you need a college degree to work and have good pay in what you’re doing.

Living a in a bad lifestyle can cause a lot to you as a person because it affects you as a person. There are a lot of reasons why this is caused because lack of education and drop out of school. See if there was not any cap on tuition rate all this wouldn’t be happening there is a high percentage of kids dropping out and having a bad lifestyle there living in now it also goes along with the home environment what they are around and what’s causing all this to happen. To students now and

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