Holler, If You Hear Me Gregory Michie Analysis

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One issue in the U.S education system is students struggle with school, money, racial tension, family problems, and teachers. Those struggles impact their education so they don’t finish high school. In this website, ctpost.com said that in 2013, there was a law passed that teen over 16 can drop out of school. The students struggle with school, money, racial tension, family problems, and teachers. That why many young students are dropping out school because of those issues. “ Holler, If You Hear Me ” by Gregory Michie, the author tells us about many different students who go through hardships during school. This book shows a similarity of students in the story, compared to teenagers in this current society.
The first reason many students
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Yesenia was a student who had a big dream. She got everything she wanted, but she felt that the teachers doesn’t care about her. She doesn’t have good communication with her teachers and doesn’t try to get along with other teachers. When she was in seventh grade, she feel separate from other students and teachers. Also, she doesn’t like how teachers want more out of them and expect them to have good behave, prefect kids. Yesenia uses strong imagery to describe how she felt about the teachers when she said “ I think a lot more teachers should take the time out to see what kids really have, instead of just the grades they make” ( Michie 186). In the other words, Yesenia wants the teachers to encourage her and to show that they are proud to have her in their classes. In school, she feel like all the teachers are boring because it feel like they don’t want to be there. She also tells the reason why many students drop out of schools because they think that nobody cares about them. This prove that the teachers are important to the students. Another student who also felt this struggle is Paloma. She had a lovely family and money. She doesn’t worry about anything, but her teachers. When her first day of high school, all her teachers talk about is the dress code because they have uniforms. She got upset how teacher didn’t listen to her and they tell her what to do. She feel like she doesn’t have a voice and respect. She feel like the teacher push her down because all her teachers think they have more power than kids. Paloma describes her expectations for the teachers as, “ To me, a teacher shouldn’t just be a grownup… They should teach because they love it, because they love children,..” (Michie 118). The reason this comment is important because it shows how students want the teachers to be. Also, this is what everyone expect a good teacher look like and not just a growth man looking down on kids. Paloma

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