Skills, Knowledge And Attributes That Are Vital For My Professional Success

756 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
The skills, knowledge and attributes I need to be successful in my future career

As an online learner, aiming to be a professional in the field of primary education, I have come to understand the skills and attributes that are vital for my professional success. In all educational (and everyday) contexts, I have realised the importance of understanding and utilising interpersonal communication skills. I had never fully grasped, however, the concept of interpersonal communication skills being applied online up until I commenced online tertiary education. Through our ever changing world, however, evolving and applying these communicative skills online is fast becoming a necessity. I have no doubt that my future career in primary education will utilise such technology for collaboration and communication, therefore experiencing first-hand the nature of interpersonal communication online has been highly beneficial.
Online learning has furthermore allowed me to understand the importance of collaborative learning, which may seem counter-intuitive to non-online learners, as it is generally perceived that it is mostly self-guided. Although online learning certainly has more leeway for self-guided learning than most traditional educational settings, I have found that the collaboration between students and teachers is immense in that ideas can be communicated whenever, wherever. I have therefore recognised more so than ever before, the importance of being…

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