What Is Your Path To A Successful Future

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The Path to a Successful Future
Transitioning into a professional nursing role can be challenging for newly graduated nursing students. In order to succeed in the future you must be aware of the steps to obtain a nursing license, requirements to apply to a position as well as create a personal and professional short and long term plan to achieve your career goal. It is an important aspect to maintain a holistic life balance which requires practicing self-care activities to reduce stress and tension that can build up from stressors related to becoming a newly graduated registered nurse.
For the first few years of my nursing career, Florida is the state I will be seeking employment. In order to obtain an RN license in Florida the
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Westside Regional Medical center is seeking full time employment in the Emergency Department for night shift. Requirements in order to apply for this position include graduation from an accredited nursing program, has a BSN or is working towards obtaining one, BLS/ACLS certified, has clinical experience in the emergency department, has a current Florida nursing license, has PALS certification and has completed a course for basic arrhythmia with a minimum of sixteen hours of didactic instruction. Another position that caught my eye offered from tenet healthcare and is located in Coral Gables. This position is full time days located on the telemetry unit. The requirements that must be met prior to applying to this particular job offer is to have a Current Florida Nursing License, BLS/ACLS certified and for newly graduate RN upon employment must sign an agreement to attend a specialty course within one year of …show more content…
“Emotion-focused strategies include attempts at self-control, distancing, positive reappraisal, accepting responsibility and escape/avoidance strategies such as wishful thinking (Brown, H., & Edelmann, R,. 2000, p.858)”. “. Newly graduated RNs face stressors such as lack in skill performance, managing workload demands, communication with health care providers, adjusting to different shifts and creating shift reports (Ching-Yu Cheng, Hsiu-Min Tsai, Chia-Hao Chang, & Shwu-Ru Liou, 2014). A plan for managing such stressors would be to take an orientation course and any newly graduated course available to help improve the stress of transitioning to a professional nursing role. A mentor can also help a newly graduated nurse reach their long term career goals. If new graduate nurses attend a training program before graduation and gain clinical competence at least in part before beginning their first job, they may attain their new role faster and smoother(Ching-Yu Cheng, Hsiu-Min Tsai, Chia-Hao Chang, & Shwu-Ru Liou, 2014, para.3)”. In five years challenges that may arise is becoming burnout. When all your responsibilities are creating an overwhelming sensation, and you’re not adequately taking care of your physiological needs patient quality care can become effected. In order to prevent

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