Challenges In Becoming A Registered Nurse

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This essay will discuss the different challenges I may experience as a new graduate nurse in moving from a student to a professional registered nurse as well as on how I can overcome and manage the challenges that I will face. The first two challenges that will be discuss are about the challenges I will face in applying for a job and attending an interview. The last three challenges will talk about the problems I may experience in doing my transition in a healthcare institution.

The transition process into the nursing workforce as discussed by (Schafer & Zinsmeister, 2009) in their research is full of various complexities, and move based issues have been all around recorded. Researchers from Australia and abroad recognizes and investigates
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After graduation, I need to register to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency to become a registered nurse in Australia. It is not easy for me because I need to pass an English exam to be able to be registered. Brown, Lauder & Ashton (2010) made a statement in their study that research done internationally demonstrate that with the bringing to the people of advanced education that qualifications alone are no more a guarantee of graduate occupation. Interviews with employers and graduates found that while employers are looking for a decent university credentials, there is an inclination for graduates with an expansive scope of aptitudes and experience. Employers are searching for graduates with an arrangement of experience that incorporates charitable effort, extracurricular exercises, applicable local work experience and excellent interpersonal abilities. Likewise, to become a registered nurse, the international nursing student needs to get an International English Language Testing System score of 7, higher than was needed for the entry in the university. This is a cause of significant tension for international nursing student. An audit of the literature uncovers the degree to which international nursing student have an issue with dialect and how it influences their study (Muller, …show more content…
These measures include the procurement of mentoring experiences and positive preceptor that advance quality colleague interactions, clearly characterized workload obligations to diminish role ambiguity and role conflict and organized supportive networks, for example, proceeding with training and staff improvement. They contend that these methods are essential to empower the new graduate to build up a feeling of having a place, which can support with an effective socialization to the registered nursing role (Schafer & Zinsmeister, 2009). Also, to lessen the stress that I will experience in the workplace, I will continue to visit the church every Sunday to give thanks to God and always pray to Him to ask for additional strength and patience to help reduce my

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