Online Learning Vs Classroom Learning Essay

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Online Learning vs. Classroom Learning
Learning is considered to be an integral part of socialization. Indeed, it is only through learning that human beings are able to attain new skills necessary in the day to activities that characterize life. Classroom learning, the traditional way and manner of learning, has always employed the physical domain as a means of conveying messages between the teacher and the student. Proponents of this learning method argue that it allows the teacher to meritoriously create an environment that is conducive for the assessment of both the strengths and weaknesses of students in assisting them to acquire knowledge better. However, the arrival of the digital age characterized by technological advancements
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Simply because a student utilizes online learning as opposed to classroom learning does not mean that the quality of education is lost. According to the US Interactive Media (2014), the same academic level, degree or certification evident in classroom-based learning is also reflected in online learning. Therefore, in both sets of learning types, the quality of education remains the same by virtue of equal standardization. Classroom-based proponents have argued that this model of learning is dissimilar to online learning because it essentially utilizes a qualified instructor to impart knowledge. However, as research affords, this is not the case. Both online and classroom learning models are similar in the sense that an expert is always available for purposes of facilitating learning. It does not mean that if one as students partakes in online learning, they essentially teach themselves. This cannot be further from the truth because just as a physical teacher is assigned to each classroom, a learning expert is also assigned for to each course related activity in online …show more content…
While it has been noted before hat both online and classroom learning models have a structured approach to time, online learning, however, offers more flexibility as it pertains to scheduling. Unlike classroom learning which provides for a fixed and specific number of hours each semester, online learning is different in the sense that learners or students for that matter have the freedom to fit the course demands into their schedule, as opposed to fitting the schedule into the course demands as is evident in class-based

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