Traditional Classroom Settings

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Learning in a traditional classroom versus learning in an online setting is different in many ways. With traditional learning you have that classroom setting, that more one on one help. Also with traditional classroom setting one can get better understanding with assignments versus online settings. Traditional classroom settings requires that you attend class, therefore with attending class one can also get into other activities that the school has going on. The help or guidance that one can get from its instructor is always easily available. Traditional classroom may be good for students that are not as great or computer savvy, but some students need that face to face with an instructor. Some programs of studies require that you attend …show more content…
Over time these skills will become second nature for me in order to be successful.When it come to time management the days I do not have to work I can do my assignments as well as in between my jobs I can do my assignment. My writing skills is something I definitely need to work on. I know with just several class I get into that I should become a stronger writer.Writing is not my passion, but knowing that I will be writing a lot of papers is something I have to get accustom to. Overall these are the skills that I need to develop in order to be successful in my academic journey.Within this whole experience with school I want to take with me the knowledge I have gained,and take with me in my career.

I totally agree with that focusing on one thing at a time is a great way to accomplish your goals. Sometimes you do have to multitask in order to obtain what the many things you have going on. Let’s give an example so let’s say that you have an class assignment due, and also you have an project at work to complete. One can not go to the waste side due to having to do the other, so you have to give your time to both assignments and give it your all. A lot of people multitask and now in day you have
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Multitasking for some is not easy ,so do what works for you if you can get everything done and still be successful do what it takes.One thing with multitasking is when having to many task at hand you tend to make more errors. Like I said before instead of multitasking focus on one thing at a time your ideas will not get crossed, and you can give your complete time and energy into whatever it is you are trying to complete.I know a lot people switch back and forth with different task, and think that they can maintain it .The best thing is to focus on one thing at a time in order to be

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