Multitasking In The Workplace

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Multitasking is a key influence in determining whether or not you make ethical decisions in the business world. When you happen to multitask yourselves, you may think that you make be performing more efficiently and effectively, but studies have proved that this is not the case. The amount of information that is processing makes it hard for an individual to focus on multiple topics simultaneously in a real world situation. This may lead to a much more poor performance during a workplace as well. Many people today believe that multitasking is a viable way to get things done quickly. However, it shows that although you may get things done at a faster rate, the overall quality of whatever you’re doing decreases dramatically. Clifford …show more content…
Your body has the impulses to always wish to do something that they’re not right now. The human body has a weird way to desire something that is always out of their reach. Researchers from Stanford found out that people who boast and think they are experienced in the task of multitasking actually do WORSE than those who worked on one thing at a time. The main component that made the performance of people who multitask to do worse is due to the fact that they have trouble organizing thoughts and filtering out unnecessary information. Their transition from one task to another takes a lot more time as well due to not being able to focus on one specific tasks at one time. Your brain was designed to mainly focus on one topic at a time which makes sense when multitasking is working on multiple things at the same exact time. “When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.” This implies that multitasking in general will push you towards a detrimental end product and lead to …show more content…
There are too many factors that should deter you from doing such, but the human brain has somehow made it where you think multitasking is actually beneficial. Saving time is a main component as to why we humans think that it’s a good idea to do so. Productivity of your brain decreases dramatically by even adding one task on top of another, but if you were to add even more than that, efficiency as well as the quality of what you’re doing becomes inferior to what you get out of doing single tasks. The solution to this problem would be increasing time management and efficiency in task completion by focusing on one goal at a time. There are tools to help you do such things such as a calendar, spreadsheet, or any other method that organizes your tasks into different sections. As you complete those tasks, you may check them off and continue working at a pace that suits yourself until all those tasks are completed. You may seem overwhelmed at first when you have multiple tasks to finish at one time, but if you follow the method of working on one task at a time, your end product will surely be

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