Internet And Distance Education Essay

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Internet and Distance Education
Have you ever stopped to think of the role that the internet plays in distance education? I currently use the internet when completing all of my college assignments off of campus. Distance education has been defined as a generic term used to define the field of distance learning, distance learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom (Wiki). Surprisingly the start of distance education began almost a century ago. In the years between World Wars 1918-1946, the federal government granted radio broadcasting licenses to 202 colleges, universities and school boards (Seniornet). When
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There are various ways to deliver content needed for distance learning. In order to achieve successful completion of a distance learning course, at some point the student will need to utilize the internet. The internet is used for data research, completing and submitting assignments online, as well as direct communication via email to your instructor. Many people benefit from this style of learning. The benefit of a student studying through distance education is, accessibility for those living away from the institution, flexibility to study in any convenient location, self-paced learning, flexibility for students with irregular working schedules, and accessibility for students with restricted mobility, just to name a few (us journal). I chose this style of learning because I have a full time job and a toddler, so there is not much time devoted in the evening for a class setting at this current time. With the internet and current technology advances I can easily communicate with all my instructors as well as my class mates for study and learning purposes. The institution website and emails keep the students aware of upcoming events and announcements so the student does miss any news, just because they are not on …show more content…
The devices used by distance learners are, desktop computers, laptops, tablets or iPads, and recently smart phones have been made capable to access coursework. With the use of these devices, you can access the internet through traditional modem, or Wi-Fi settings. Wi-Fi is a local area wireless computer network technology that allows electronic devices to network, primarily using the 2.4 gigahertz UHF and 5 gigahertz SHF ISM radio bands (Wiki). Once connected to the internet on the device, students have full internet access to perform all assignments and course work.
Distance education has really emerged in the recent decades. As the technology industry grows, so does the ability for students to learn through distance education. I believe there is so much more to expect from the advancement in technology and the role it has on distance education learners. Decades from now technology, will allow for degree programs to be completed online in its entirety. More students in the future will rely on distance education as a means of opportune education experience. I especially enjoy the advantages of this style of learning from my own

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