Same Quality Of Education In John Crisp's Short Distance Learning

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Distance learning has not only been a valuable substitute for traditional on-campus classes, but it has also helped many students to complete undergraduate degrees. Multiple universities have expanded their online education programs to supply comparable learning competence as traditional classroom experience. Some secondary schools in the U.S. have offered blended classes as well to their students which generally includes an on-campus class and online supplement assignments and learning materials. Online course availability allows people to easily access many of the same classes offered as if they were to go to a school’s campus. The debate on whether online courses provide the same quality of education as traditional courses has been a controversial …show more content…
Crisp is not fond of online learning. He stated that he is not against it but he is neither supportive of it. As a professor, he has encountered many significant experiences with his students; a few deaths, pregnancy, and student developments who were enrolled in his class (226-27). The disadvantage Crisp speaks of may not only pertain to students, but to instructors as well. For instance, online-exclusive instructors miss out on teaching experiences that may develop their personal skills and relationship with students. Experienced traditional professors may have better instincts and ideas of how to help a struggling student. Although Crisp talks about losing classroom setting experiences in online classes, there are other counter leverages that students and instructors can use their time for instead. To demonstrate, a student may defect towards online classes to maintain a full-time or part-time job so that he can support himself and pay for school. On the other hand, a single mother, an instructor would have a better time management between work and personal life. She can spend time with her child, cook dinner, grocery shop, and grade assignments that her students posted on their due dates by the end of the day. There may be various assets to gain in traditional classrooms, but the unforeseen convenience of online courses to many students, instructors, and families can be as

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