Difference Between Online And Online Learning

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Both online and traditional face-to-face learning are effective despite their differences. Each type of learning has their advantages and disadvantages regarding the progression of a student. Such as, the amount of help that a student receives by a teacher, the ability to cheat on assignments, the student’s mental health state, and how that can affect the learning process in and outside of an actual classroom.
Traditional learning may seem scary or even challenging to some with disorders, such as, anxiety and autism. Face-to-face learning is very important to students with mental disorders to help build social skills between peers. They learn how to conversate better, make new friends, and approach people easier. Even if
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Learning over the internet can provide benefits such as doing work at their own pace and working in a comfortable setting. Wilson says in The Information Revolution that “Online learning offers enormous benefits to students. But they work as an adjunct-not a replacement-to traditional classroom education” (2004). Since there’s no face-to-face interaction it may take longer to communicate with a professor online. Students have got to go through such a long process to get their questions answered through emails, and students learning online may fall behind. In public schools the teachers have to stick with a curriculum at a certain pace and students may fall behind in class. There’s no replacing the student-teacher …show more content…
Students may feel better about doing work online to relieve their social anxiety, but working and talking to other students every day in school can help ease their nerves. It can even create better social skills which can help students out in the long run when entering the work force. Face-to-face interaction can also help students when they have questions about the assignments they’re given, rather than having to look up the information online and struggling with their work with no instruction. Cheating can become a huge problem for student nowadays online and even in class but as technology advances cheating is starting to become obsolete. Both sides have their pros and cons, however, it might be best to combine the two so that schools, educators, and students can reap the benefits of both the online and traditional learning

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