Online Learning Technology

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Innovations of Technology Applicable to Online Learning
Technological advancements have enabled online learning to develop and become a higher preferred method of education. With the accumulation of advanced computers and high-speed internet, we have the competences to be able to take advantage of the innovations of online learning. With programs like Blackboard and Canvas, the abundant of resources available and the facilitation of instructors, students can be successful in this environment.
Within the article by Zanetta Jansen entitled “Innovations in Technology and the Online Learning Environment,” there examples of these advancements and the advantages of online learning over traditional in-class settings. Jansen examines the participation
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I can speak from a personal standpoint, specifically from my own evaluation. I have taken many different traditional and online courses. I can say that my experiences are far better in an online setting, and as a result, my grades have shown that I am much more comfortable in an online setting. Without the need to adjust my schedule, but to simply just fit in when I will be taking a course, I have an added confidence in my experiences through the success that I have been able to accomplish thus …show more content…
With the advancement in technology, resources, and sheer online learning capabilities in today’s day in age, there is supporting evidence that can lead to a student’s success. I think that individuals will be surprised by their results. All it takes is organizational skills, focus, self-motivation, and the will to learn through digital content. Online learning is becoming more of a standard in the education and will help innovate more learning capabilities even more in the

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