Influence Of Technology In Society

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Students in today’s society commonly use technology for both “educational and non-educational purposes.” (Daniel, 2015) Technology has a significant impact in not only the present society, but also the educational systems in an advancing society. The influence of technology in the classroom greatly impacts student’s education as they are surrounded by so much technology in their daily lives. In the present society, students must be able to keep pace in a world full of advancing technology and new information. As technology advances in society, so will the information that students learn every day, and students will need to be educated with the world around them to survive in society. (Gwenn 2015)

With the growth of online classes in today’s
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As stated in the article, some students have limited technological experience. Not every student has exposure to technological content on equal levels, due to limited economic resources. Sometimes students may not have the resources available to them to complete their assignments, or they lack the required experience with the technology used complete their course work. This can result in the student’s failure of the course. To combat this issue, many schools now offer rentable devices for home use to students. Students can rent laptops and other devices to complete their coursework, or they are able to use the technology available to them during campus hours. (Thirumurthy and Melanson 2010)

There are however still plenty of drawbacks to the integration of technology in our education systems. Distance learning often lacks in classroom discussion, and students are also more likely to be preoccupied with their social medias rather than their classwork when not in a traditional classroom. Even in a traditional setting, students won’t pay attention in class, “using technology to ignore their learning sessions,” as stated in an article by Blankenship. (Blankenship
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There are so many instances of bullying in school systems, and many of these instances make it difficult for students to progress sufficiently in their education. Students will push past the protective boundaries that their teachers set up to keep them from doing things they shouldn 't. There are many instances where other students will hack into another 's student 's accounts for fun, or other instances where in some students are required to post regularly on a live blog with a class, and other students will attack them on the blog or post inappropriate remarks or pictures or one another, just to torture another student. Cases like these make it easy for educators to look past the benefits of the use of technology in the classroom, to protect the safety of their students.

Despite all the negativity associated with technology use in the classrooms, the integration of technology in our educational systems still has a beneficial impact. With the technology available to us in our schools we are able to have learning experiences that we would never experience otherwise. We now have access to materials beyond just our traditional classroom settings. In a rapidly advancing society, having access to new technology in our classrooms will give us the skills and education we need to be successful in our careers after

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