Online Classroom Analysis

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Learning in a traditional classroom you have the pleaser of the face to face learning in a class setting with others every day or every week at a set time. Online classroom learning you are able to attend the class in your free time. With both of these types of classes you are able to farther your education and your career.

I have learned that most of the things you learn on the online classes you can apply it to your everyday life and work life. Our Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam said in a recent state of the state address about education: “We are raising our expectations as a state. We are committed to making a clear statement ... That education beyond high school is a priority in the state of Tennessee”.(,2014,p.10)

If you are able to learn at your own pace and not face to face then I believe that online classes are perfect for you. On the other hand if you need face to face and hands on then you are better off in the class room setting. When doing online classes you have to have great discipline and time management to be able to study on your own and complete your assignments on time.

In my busy life online study is perfect for me. I study in the mornings before going to work and at night when everyone is in bed. Online classes make it
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I have found in my own experiences that the more I try to do at one time the more I mess up in the long run. With all the things that has happened this last week 's loss of a loved one, my boss out for five weeks, school work, and my daughter’s birthday I have learned to do a juggling act. Most people would say that you are doing well, even though you feel that you keep forgetting something mainly because you have too much on your plate. I have learned that multi-tasking can cause one or more things in your life to suffer like this it was my job and school

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