Traditional Classes Vs Online Classes

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Every student has heard of and contemplated taking online classes. Some students hear that online courses may be easier than the traditional courses taken in person. Some students hear the exact opposite, that online courses are hard to understand, you can never get any help, and students don’t actually learn anything. What is the truth when in comes to online classes? Student’s success is based on the teachers, himself or herself, and outside source that controls the quality of student’s education. There is no doubt if a class is taught by a teacher where students can not relate to the teaching habits chances are it will be a very difficult ride. This is something that everyone has experienced at least once, and there is only one way that …show more content…
As mentioned before students think there is less effort involved in an online course as opposed to the traditional in class learning experience. In some cases this might be true but most of the time its not. There are two types on people that take online classes. One side takes them because there hectic schedules don’t allow them to fit into the normal schedule of traditional school, or they live to far from a college, or lastly don’t have transportation to school but really want a higher education. The second kinds of people are the ones trying to take the easy way out or are too lazy to actually go to school. Students truly are led to believe that online classes are the same class as in school but more lay back, but is the so-called similarities in the curriculum …show more content…
Due to the fact that there is not as many resources for students to have in front of them in online classes the curriculum have to be different. For example in science classes in traditional school you do experiments and learn by doing. For online classes you don’t have all the tools and materials to do the experiments to get the real learning. In online classes you might have to settle for a video of the experiments which depending on how the student learns may not have the same impact. Some people are hands on learners and some are not this is a huge down fall for online school. With that being said teachers can not be there to help students 24-7 to answer questions and provide immediate feed back, students fall behind and in between the cracks because they cant truly get the help they need. “As those efforts are emerging we need to take advantage of any opportunities we have to do our part in empowering our users to locate, organize, evaluate, and communicate information effectively and ethically.” For the best and true education traditional school has the most to offer due to the fact that curriculum doesn’t have to be tweaked and the resources you have available to you. Unfortunately there are many people whose busy lives don’t work around traditional school setting and they have to settle for online classes. There are many misleading aspects for students who take online classes and it may cloud

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