Importance Of Career Goals

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Goals are stepping stones in making dreams a reality. I am an advocate of goal-setting; personal, educational, and career goals are all substantially relevant in acquiring success. Currently, I am working towards my academic success in high school, and I am doing quite well. I have maintained an unweighed cumulative GPA of 4.00 and a weighted GPA of 4.50. To achieve this consistency, I set daily goals to motivate and propel me forward. I believe that the small responsibilities accumulate for bigger responsibilities. My mindset towards academics directly correlate with this belief. I know that homework, quizzes, labs, and assessments will all count towards my semester grade. Those semester grades will add up to finalize a year 's GPA, and the …show more content…
I want to challenge myself with a enhanced rigorous environment. Furthermore, I wish to be selected for the National Honors Society, and intend to volunteer at various leadership programs, community services, and volunteer opportunities. After high school, I yearn to be accepted to University of Michigan with a substantial scholarship to pursue my career goal. I have set my targets on becoming a doctor. There have been influences that have lead me to this objective. Foremost, my younger sister had severe eczema (atopic dermatitis), and through this I was influenced to become a dermatologist. Additionally, my mom has hypothyroid and takes prescribed medicine. I had been determined to become a pharmacist to grasp the outcomes of taking prescriptions and the modifications in the body afterwards. However, I have not yet been introduced to the fullest extent on all the sorts of doctors, but I want the accomplish my personal goal regardless of what kind of doctor I become. My personal goal stems from when I was younger. When my family did not have health insurance, I had a nose infection that was nearly …show more content…
Today, I am a sophomore in Portage Northern High school achieving an exceptional academic profile. However, I have faced numerous challenges throughout the years. First and foremost, language became a problem. I could not speak coherent Korean, and I did not comprehend English. Therefore, I could not fully communicate in either languages. Before I was enrolled into preschool, my parents urged me to grasp both languages simultaneously. Throughout early elementary school, I was nearly alone in this process. Although my parents were supportive, they could not help me in the language aspect. However with dedication and tears, I became practically fluent in both Korean and English during the last two years of elementary school. Despite the wall of communication, I did not struggle through the academic portion of the public school system but struggled with socializing. I was bullied on several occasions through primary and middle school because of cultural differences. Although I had numerous acquaintances and a few close friends, I did not seem to fit in a particular group of people. Despite the struggles, I kept my Korean culture and did not become fully Americanized. I will continue to conserve both cultures as they are both meaningful to me. Lastly, our family had a financial problem. Although I did not have to directly overcome this challenge, my parents had to. I learned not to take

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