My Goals For Medical School

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Within a year I would like to work my hardest to get good grades so I can attend a respected college. I realize that I’m currently in the last semester of my junior year, which means that I do not have a lot of time before I start applying for colleges and preparing for my future. This means that right now my performance in school plays a significant role in my chances of being accepted to college, so it’s crucial that I realize that this is an important time in my high school career where I really need to focus. This goal is important to me because pushing myself to do the best I can will only further my chances of getting into a college that I’d like to attend.
In order to achieve my goal of getting good grades I have to be disciplined and
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I’ve always been intrigued by science, especially how humans function, and I’ve also wanted to pursue a career where I could be helpful to others. I realize that becoming a doctor of any kind takes a lot of perseverance and commitment, but I believe it’s something I’m more than willing to undertake. I want to continue to concentrate on my education, because it’s important to be knowledgeable and a hard worker in order to get into a good medical school. I also want make sure that I learn from my experience from my classes because I want to make sure I don’t waste time or money on a class that didn’t teach me …show more content…
When it comes to schooling I find that the best way for me to do valuable work, I need to do my best to focus on whatever the subject is. When I take time to just focus on one class and one assignment I tend to learn more from the lesson, and I also create better work. I can also achieve my goal, by making sure that I avoid distractions, which include my phone and the internet, because it’s easy to get lost random information when you do not want to actually work.
Another short term goal of mine is to get to know my extended family better. Most of my extended family is a lot older me, which has caused us to not be as close as I’d like to be. I think it would be nice to know more about my extended family, because I think we’d have a better time if we knew more about each other. I also think it’s important for me to have better relationships with my family members because I’d like to spend more time with them and it would be easier to do that if I knew them

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