Singular Entity Essay

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As I am skimming through the numbers etched on my report card, I am disappointed by the decrease in my grades, and the reason is not ambiguous to me. The age of adolescence is a time where teenagers are exposed to development and it is also an age where they become vulnerable to the first negative streaks of reality. The disintegration of my parents’ marriage contributed to my lowered grades. My natural love for my parents couldn’t accept their relationship falling apart, and this led to a distraction from studies and an inability to concentrate on things. I viewed “parents” as a singular entity, if they separated, that single entity would have been shattered. I understand however, that I should have been motivated nonetheless. I recall …show more content…
Momentarily I answered, “I want to become a lawyer.” I have always been intrigued by the audacity and wit the lawyers naturally have, and execute so cleverly. My love for speaking, arguing, debating, and persuading encouraged me to aspire to become a lawyer. The downfall of my parents’ relationship provoked me into realizing that the importance of my goals: I realized that if people abandon me, it is ultimately my responsibility to remain independent and maintain stability on my two legs. I applaud my parents for still supporting me, and this factor motivates me even further to make them proud. Despite their own hurdles - even amidst their personal arguments, I respect them for still gathering the mental stability to support me and my educational goals. My parents will assist me with researching various colleges and determining which schools befit and correlate with my personal interests. Although my anticipation of becoming a lawyer is strong, I am still aware of the many hurdles that I may have to encounter during my journey. When I was a child and dreamt of becoming a lawyer, the horrifying thought of debts due to student loans did not occur to me. College is very expensive. Book fees, tuition, and living arrangements only accumulate to the overall expense – especially when residing in New York City. I intend on investing for the betterment of my future. After all, education is a lifelong investment. No one can

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