Essay about Should The White House Provide Free Education For Students?

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The supposed proposal where the White House would provide free education for students enrolled in community colleges nationwide is enticing to many students, and some turn to community colleges to reduce the burden of student loans and other accumulating miscellaneous expenses such as textbooks, lab materials, and more. According from the White House government official website, the “America’s College Promise” proposal’s purpose is have two free years of community college with the condition of having a 2.5 GPA for students and attending college at least half time with a role “to increase the number of college graduates and prepare those graduates to lead the 21st century” (“FACT Sheet”). Even though community college is relatively inexpensive when compared to a four-year public or private university, borrowing loans still becomes almost obligatory for many college students to obtain a higher education. Because college and finances are dependent on multiple factors such as family, transportation, extra tutoring and more; 20% is accounted for tuition and 80% is accounted for non-tuition related expenses (McKinney). Should this proposal get Congressional approval in the future, these expenses would be reduced for many college students to attend community college.
If this law had passed already, then I would have probably saved a few thousand dollars on tuition, books, and other expenses. Because it has not passed, therefore it has no effect yet for me as a student except with…

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