Essay on Should College Be Free College?

1134 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
With the ever-growing inflation of goods and capital affecting the global economy of the world, a decade long pattern of studies shows that college fee has increased more drastically than almost any other inflations ever since its commencement. Right to education, a universal entitlement to education, needless to say is of dire importance in today’s modern world, but whether everybody has the privilege of this fundamental right is the today’s concern. Often cited as the career defining path, college education is not accessible to everybody and this in long run comes to determine the progress and prosperity of a country. Therefore, politicians have always raised concern towards the notion of free college with Barack Obama’s voice for possibility of free community college being one of the latest hot topic of discussions. Most people seem to appreciate the idea of free college by realizing the paramount importance of further education; recent history holds evidence that free college can very well lead to altogether development of the country. However it does carry many challenges along the way with the economic challenge being the most notable. College is usually considered the domain of the privileged people. According to a study in 2012, only half of the US population receives some kind of college education. The cost of attending college is the obvious reason for the lack of attainment of college education. So free college will most obviously increase the number of college…

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