Should Animals Be Used For Biomedical Research? Essay

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As he backed himself into the corner of the cage, fear penetrated the little guinea pig’s eyes while he watched the man carrying a scary needle closer to him. Now imagine that little guinea pig being your pet. Being a pet owner, you can tell when your pet is sad, happy, or not acting like themselves. Thinking about that, I picture my guinea pig in a scary room with strangers who continuously do tests on him and that is truly terrifying. There are many questions about animal testing. Is it right? Is it wrong? If major companies have been doing it for years, it can’t be that bad. Little does anyone realize, there is another way we could conduct tests that do not harm animals in the slightest. No animals should be tested on because although a few studies have shown to help humans, the tests are very harmful to animals when there are other ways to test products. Should animals be used for biomedical research?
In the article, “Animal Testing and Its Gifts to Humans” (April, 2015), written by Frankie Trull at the Wall Street Journal, it is argued that animal testing is necessary in the development of finding cures to certain diseases. An experiment done at Duke University, found a treatment for Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, using a virus that was injected into the brains of macaque monkeys. Another drug that was made to fight Ebola showed incredible results when tested on Rhesus Monkeys. A study in 1996 was done where they infected the cells of Mice to see if they could…

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