Animal Testing Outline

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Question: Should animals be used for scientific experiments?

Title: Animal Rights and Testing

I. Introduction A. Background information
The timeline of animal experimentation
Viewpoints of animal testing B. (Thesis): Overtime, animal usage in experiments has changed from the past, present, and future, along with people’s viewpoints on the topic.
II. Body
A. Animal Experimentation in the Past 1. Why did animal experimentation start? 2. The conflicts between people’s viewpoints back then.
B. Animal Testing going on Today 1. What scientists are using animals for in experiments today? 2.Why scientists are still using animals in experimentations?
C. Developing Different Experimentation processes for the Future 1. What is changing in
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The side wanting animal testing and experimentation to continue forward has made points supporting their case. One belief is, people believe since their society’s God’s says it is acceptable to test on animals, they do also. To go along with the written words, it states animals have to be benefitting the humans in the experiments and no pain is to be intentional (Animal). In recent experimenting, the statements have been claimed true. Monkeys and mice have been helping to fight ebola, restore vision, and cure brain tumors. Many past advancements in experiments have helped scientists gain information and continue old research to make improvements (Trull). People think since the animals have helped society gain knowledge before scientists should continue to use them in research today (About). Some products are required by law to be tested on animals first. This lets scientists know substances are safe on other human like subjects and there has been multiple tests on the substance (@peta). Some people for animal testing say, since animals have shorter life spans than humans it is better and more sufficient to test on them. Humans also agree animals can benefit from the experiments they are used in. Having longer lives, gaining strength, and vision improvements are all examples of benefits animals could gain …show more content…
They believe machines are better for experimental use than animals and they want all, or the majority, of animal testing to stop (@peta). In human history, it was necessary to use animals so they could provide society with knowledge and safety of different chemicals, products, and substances. They didn’t have advanced technology and equipment society has today, so they had to use the resources given to them by nature (About). With new advancements in technology, the against side thinks scientists should stop animal testing because society can not continue and make new progress by using past methods no longer helping to improve society (Torres). One new advancement includes microdosing, or giving substances to human volunteers, but not enough to inflict any harm upon them (Animal). There are also micro-engineered chips built to hold human cells and organ tissues. The chips can be connected together to form similar circuits to represent the human body. With new improvements in mechanics and technology society has been able to save money. Also, with the new chip program they can speed up the process and provide more accurate data than with animal testing. The animal tests, as well, sometimes do not provide enough information on how chemicals affect people (@peta) (Torres). Another reason people do not like animal experimentation is because they believe scientists are harming animals and society

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