The Negative Consequences Of Animal Testing Essay examples

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Animal testing has been a part of our society since the early 1900s. And it appears to me, that not until around 40 years ago or so, people began to realize that testing animals was inhumane on many different levels. But because we are the human beings that we are, we still try to shy away from a lot of the negative consequences of animal testing. It is easier for us to push aside that which is bad and try only to look at the positive aspects. Yet, in my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros. Not only have millions of innocent animals perished due to the numerous experimentations that were completed in laboratories all over the United States and other parts of the world, but some of these experimentations have proven to be futile. In other words, animals had to undergo a lot of pain, suffering, and death, and all in vain. The lives of all animals are important, not just the lives of humans. We are animals, too. What is funny, however, is that sometimes we forget that. It is hard for us to step into the “paws” of a dog or cat. We will probably never know what it feels like to be a lab rat for another species. So many animals have died in vain, only to prove that a drug is not effective in humans, or in some cases, lethal. So many animals have gone through pain as they are tested with cosmetic products, which we could live without. I would never like to find myself in a situation where I was forced to ingest possibly toxic drugs, or have my body covered in scars from the…

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