Sample Resume : Career Fairs Essay

735 Words Sep 27th, 2016 3 Pages
Hien Le
CIS 3380
Extra Credit (5 points)

All- Majors Career Fairs
On September 22, I had a chance to go to All- Majors Career Fairs and talked to a lot of representations/ employees from different companies. However, the most person that remained in my mind after the job fair is Professor Stephanie Krueger. She comes from Lone Star College in Houston. She is such a kind and warm person to talk to. The topic in our conversation was should student go get a job right after graduating or continue pursue a higher education. It is not a new or strange topic but with each student will have a different point of view and condition to attend a higher education.
Initially, the reason I went to this Career Fairs is to look for Finance Internship because I’m a senior and I haven’t had any Internship. I did have a thought of getting a Master 's Degree but did not expect anybody would ask me at a job fair.. The school system and how it works is different from my country. After a ten minus talking about a lot of stuffs in and out of school I really that being a good school student with a high GPA is not enough. Lacking of impressing while talking to your future interviewers will make you lose a lot of opportunities to work at your desire environment. I do not talk much in front of people, so it is hard for me to gain a first good expression at the beginning. Being a student in College and University in 4 years long and have not graduate makes me feel exhausted. I just want to…

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