Salaries For High School Teachers Essay

1284 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Salaries for high school teachers with fifteen years of experience and the minimum level of education and training required to be certified exceeded $40,000 in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands and exceeded $60,000 in Switzerland. In the United States, it was $35,000. With statistics like this, people wonder why anyone would want to be a teacher. Teaching is not for everyone. I personally tell people “you do not understand why people would want to teach, unless you want to teach.” With the low pay, long hours, rude kids and possibly rude parents, and office politics that would make a lawyer’s head spin, why would anyone want to teach? Well, I want to teach to see the look in the eyes of students who finally understand a tough subject, to watch a child overcome personal problems, but most of all, I want to teach to help build the next generation. I love knowledge, but the one thing I like more than that is helping people understand knowledge. That is why I want to be a teacher.
Like most children’s lives, my life was filled early with lessons of English, Arithmetic, and Science, yet early in my school years, I was allowed to open my mind to more diverse topics. In the first grade, I was allowed to assess for the Gifted and Talented program in my school, and the results of my tests permitted me to join. We had lessons over poetry, chess, and classical art, and these lessons followed me until the fourth grade. In the fourth grade, I was allowed to travel with the…

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