High School Music Teacher Essay

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High School Music Teacher
Teaching is one of the oldest professions that is still widely practiced today. Since the human race has been doing things, people have needed others to teach them how to do those things. However, over the years, the formal requirements for teaching have become more complex and excluding, causing the teaching field to improve its quality. Teaching requires a high level of personal commitment and the ability to deal with personal interactions and problem solving. A minimum of two years of college level education is required for substitute teaching, which doesn’t allow a full-time position. However, people who attend college for longer periods of time can achieve a higher teaching status, and work full-time teaching
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While this may be true for many individual teachers and teachers from school districts with lower average salaries, most teachers in the United States make enough money to not only survive, but provide enough money to live comfortably and support a family. According to a poll and survey done on average high school teacher salaries performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a high school teacher in the United States is approximately $55,360 for the middle 80% of teachers (US News). Working in this field is not without its flaws, but it is much more comforting for those who are pursuing the career to know that they would not be throwing away their chance at a higher quality life just by becoming a teacher. Another positive aspect to teaching high school students is that not will a person likely be teaching a class for which they are passionate, but they will be instilling their values onto the children who they teach. Teachers are the people who train kids to be responsible adults who pursue their interests and passions (“Pros and Cons of Being a Teacher”). A teacher who is passionate about their field of study will not likely be unhappy with their job and daily experience and will have a healthy workplace and interact with other teachers more positively. Aside, however, no job is perfect, and although there are many silver linings to teaching, there are some troubling aspects to teaching life. For instance, teachers must work extremely long work weeks, and they almost never receive weekdays off, with the exception of snow days and previously arranged days, like holidays. Additionally, teachers have even more homework than students: they have to not only prepare assignments and work through them to give to students, but they also have

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