Rush-Copley Case Study

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• Teamwork and diversity- Rush-Copley, their vision is "to become the region 's leading healthcare system" fulfilled through improving the relationships among the medical staff, employees and community organization."Rush-Copley Medical Center is an organization that offers a diverse work environment with co-workers who collaborate as a strong professional team. At Rush-Copley Medical Center, employees are supported and respected as a vital team whose views matter and contribution are acknowledged. Collaborative communication is a Rush-Copley hallmark and physicians, and all health care professionals work together towards a common goal and strive for teamwork at the highest level. By being aware of the changes of the health care environment …show more content…
By coordinating patient care goals among all providers and decreasing ED visits and acute hospitalization for uncontrolled symptoms, the clinic offers services for cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, diabetes, and dementia. Moreover, two methods to streamline the lean process and improve healthcare coordination, Rush-Copley adopted "Merge PACS, iConnect solution and Medicity HIE ", as new advanced technologies. The first method, the Merge PACS and the iConnect modules provide access to any radiology images anywhere and anytime. By leveraging these modules, Rush-Copley healthcare professionals have access to patient 's health record to consolidate any duplicate radiology tests orders allowing for more efficient patient care. The second method that is part of the lean process used by Rush-Copley Medical Center to enhance the quality, efficiency and cost care is by using the Medicity health information exchange (HIE) to assist all clinicians and healthcare professionals to access to electronic health records. This system enables regional hospitals to exchange lab results, reports, and other electronic patient data by making those data available in real time to physicians to make faster and informed decisions about the conditions of their patients. Rush-Copley is continually interested in improving the workflow of the services in its facility by making access to the comprehensive patient health record helping the clinicians and healthcare professionals to deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective care to its patients. For example, Rush-Copley, as a member of the Illinois Hospital Association Partnership for Patients, participated in the 24-month goal program that required a 40 percent reduction in harm to patients and a 20 percent reduction in

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