Reflection: What I Learned In Nursing

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When I think about the thinking’s and writings I did this semester, I feel that I didn’t put much effort and I could have done much better. Overall, I Think I did pretty well following the paragraph formats, which have been at the most helpful when writing, but at times, I fail to pay close attention to what I write when editing, which causes my paper to contradict itself. And the biggest of all, I tend to neglect going back to recheck at times with the rough drafts to subtract the biggest errors that I may have made! This is one of the main things that I have to focus on in order to better myself when writing papers. However, more than just a chance to reflect on what I’ve done this semester, one of the skills I have learned from this class …show more content…
Writing is an essential component of communication and to the nursing profession. Writing allows nurses to provide proper and safe care for their patients. Nursing and midwifery students are required to communicate in writing, for a variety of potential audiences, including their colleagues, allied health professionals, administrators and, most importantly, their patients and the public. With all of the skills, tools, and strategies I have acquired from this class, I am more than confident that I will be able to go through the field of nursing …show more content…
It’s hard to proofread or edit a paper that I have just finished writing. Everything is still so familiar, and I tend to skip over a lot of errors. Setting the paper aside for a few hours or days, then returning to it afterwards really helped me in detecting much of the errors. When my head is clear of what I’ve written I can take a fresh look at the paper and see what is really on the page. Just the distance I gave myself from the papers I wrote throughout this semester was all I needed to retrieve the most errors I could from what I previously wrote. I do have an idea about the paper, but when I do it like that it’s like I have come to it with fresh eyes, and that’s what really helps me.
Finding quiet environments to work is something else I acquired that really helped. Constant talking and noise are the biggest of irritants that can prohibit me from producing an effective paper. I am easily distracted, so Finding a quiet place where I can concentrate and avoid distractions was very

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