Public Health Nurses Fit Into A Discourse Community Essay example

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What is a discourse community? According to John Swales, a discourse community is “a group of people who come together for a shared purpose with a shared, common language often incomprehensible to those outside the community” (Professor Hanvey’s Day 9 Lecture). In other words, a discourse community is an association of people who come together due to a common mission. This group has many methods of communication where they use their own technical language to provide information and give feedbacks. Just like any community, it continues to grow with the old and new members. For example, a discourse community is like a group of public health nurse. How do public health nurses fit into a discourse community? As Swales writes, there are six components a discourse community must have: a common goal, a mean of communication, an ability to contribute information and feedback, methods of communication (genres), a technical language (lexis), and old and new members (threshold). Public health nurses all have one sole purpose: “building health communities, achieving health equity and social justice and improving the quality of life for all communities” (American Public Health Association). Public health nurses have many styles of communication whether it is direct communication or virtual because they are always on the move; however, despite the need to be on the move consistently, they set out a time to have mandatory meetings where they are able give information and feedback. Most…

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