Personal Statement : My Career Goals Essays

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Essay Questions
1. The MS degree in Information Systems will enhance my ultimate career plans by putting me one step closer to my dream profession. When I finished high school, I chose to attend teachers’ college. I graduated with a diploma in Physics minoring mathematics with a GPA of 3.31. Immediately after graduation I began teaching Physics for grade 7 and 8. I didn’t know it at the time, but my instinct was to become a teacher. Nevertheless, things didn’t go the way I planned and I decided to switch my career goals to a different field. Reflecting back now, I realized that I was meant to be a teacher. I’ve unique skills in passing knowledge to others. I’ve participated in tutoring different courses during my undergraduate studies. Therefore, my primary goal is to become a college professor within the next five years after earning the MSIS degree. Moreover, during my graduate studies, I plan to participate in part-time teaching assistant at UC Denver to build my experiences. I believe that my life experience as a career student sets the foundation for my goals. That is why I decided to continue my graduate studies immediately after completing my undergraduate degree in December 2016 and what is a better place to achieve this dream other than Colorado’s flagship university, CU Denver.

2. One of my strengths is my strong work ethics and a tendency to set up routines, timelines, and deadlines. For example, most of my upper-division courses require a project work that…

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