Personal Narrative Essay's The Lone Book

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Confident was the key emotion I felt upon submission of my personal narrative essay, The Lone Book. Though I felt extremely vulnerable for another individual--a stranger at that--to read something that I hold so dear to my heart, I was still rather confident in my piece and hopeful for a 100%. I felt the strength of this paper was specific to the topic I chose to write, a bit risky but, something unique; not a typical cookie-cutter approach. Additionally, I considered my choice of strong vocabulary words an improvement, resulting in another strength of the paper. Unfortunately, the weakness of mine, which holds true to most of my writings, comes with the improper use of grammar and punctuation. Despite this, the unknown weighed on my mind, will my instructor agree? Regardless of the thought, I was satisfied and, after giving it my all, was ready to impress. The grade I received, though not a 100%, was still an A and so, I was very pleased. The feedback of my assignment initially concerned me, not for the grade given or even the analysis of my paper, but for what I found as a lack of specifics to correspond with the chosen grade. I am one to appreciate constructive feedback, without it I am unaware of …show more content…
The knowledge I absorb and retain during this time is my primary focus. It would be a disservice to myself if I ignore the teachings of my instructor; an option I do not consider to be a viable one. Learning the proper writing techniques is key to become a better writer. For this reason, I plan to utilize the available online tutorials and resources to better understand. Admittedly it will not come easily to me, I must deepen my writing process even more by peeling back the layers to perfect my writings. After all, my writings quickly become personal, thus, driving a desire within me to perfect, rather than just hover at

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