My Reflective Essay: Improving Writing Skills

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I have studied English since I was a grade seven student, but the curriculum in my middle school and high school years mainly focused on reading and speaking language skills component, with a limited focus on writing. As a result, I never felt confident with any piece that required writing. since most of the courses in college requires one or the other way writing skill, It has been a hurdle to succeed in my college studies. Thus, I have been putting effort to improve my writing skills; even before, I started taking this English 101 class. I used to use a various educational material which I thought might help me to meet my writing goal. Some of the materials which I was using includes: TOEFL educational materials, You Tube resources, and various …show more content…
During the coming semester, I have a plan to take English 102. Thus, I would like to focus on writing more, and improve my writing skill through time. There are a lot of academic writing skills that I would like to improve before graduation, in order to reach to a level that I would like to be. Even though, I have made a significant progress since I started taking this course, there are major short comings that I would like to work on. The most common short comings that I have noticed are following grammar, punctuation, reference writing using MLA formatting rules appropriately. In addition, I had noticed that I had a difficult of writing essay within limited time. Throughout this course, I have been comparing all the essay assignment I wrote starting from essay one, and I have clearly noticed that how much I have grown as a writer. This semester was a special one for me because through time I have acquired confidence in my writing skill. Thus, I truly believe that the essays I am going to write will be well understood and influential. Furthermore, I fully convinced that I can write an excellent essay on the upcoming GRE which I am planning to take next month. My optimism came from the confidence I have developed following acquiring crucial knowledge throughout this course. It has made me to be an excellent essay writer. There are still a room for improvement, thus I will keep striding over the coming months to escalate my writing skill. At the end, I would confidently say that this class has helped me to be a better writer, and I am thankful for

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