Personal Narrative Essay: The Unexpected

The Unexpected It was the 12th of July on a bright summer day, the wind outside was cool and relaxing. The weather was really great, oh how I wanted to be outside but I had a wedding to attend to my mother was getting re-married I watched my mother for a minute, her blond natural curls falling below her shoulders and my new step father holding hands at the table just as they were about to cut the cake, he was going to be my new step father. Bill belkin was his name, yes he was Russian he was a young tall Russian man with straight black hair and a pair of really dark eyes he had a mysterious scar across his eye, which he barely talked about before until we really found out why, he got it from an accident in the military camp, when he …show more content…
<3 I was passed our parents room about to go down stairs when I heard a man swearing. “My stepfather?” I thought. It was my first time I ever heard him swear. He never does. It looked like he was yelling at some man on the phone, and told him to meet him somewhere. “Yes, meet me there, you know the location” and then he added a bit of other words I didn’t understand. It’s Russian I thought. “Okay, I must not let him find me at the door that would be weird.” I bolted downstairs as quickly as I can and went to the kitchen. I saw my mom downstairs cooking our lunch, “mom you know you don’t need to make us lunch, you can give us lunch money, but then thanks”
“Yes, I have to dear cause I don’t want you to eat that disgusting food they have at the school cafeteria, I just don’t trust
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Mom just ignored her and packed us some lunch which would be my breakfast later on I guess. My step dad now entered the kitchen wearing a suit, ready for work or maybe or maybe not… the other weird thing I saw about him was that he looked happy and not angry just as he sounded like a moment ago.
“Good morning” he said with a wide smile. “Good morning” we all replied. He then took off to work without breakfast, even though mom tried to force him to eat. “Your father is a great man” she smiled. She loved him very much. After that my sister and I walked to school. It was nearby, even though we could be taken to school with a limousine, but I preferred not to, it was just too much for me. My real biological father looked like me and was my role model. He worked very hard and took his job and work sincerely. He worked with the American government and was entrusted with something I do not know. We live in a nice ordinary house but not a mansion as that’s what my parents liked

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