How To Write A Narrative Essay About My Math Class

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Hannah Jordan
When I look back on my math education up until this point, I recall most of the classes to be fairly easy for me, and the class material usually came to me naturally. My fourth grade math teacher, Mrs. Mosley, would have me grade other students’ work after she graded mine and saw that I had a perfect paper. I do not remember much about my math experiences throughout elementary school except for my fourth and fifth grade years, but during those years, I remember excelling in math with the help of Mrs. Mosely and my fifth grade math teacher, Mrs. Choisnet.
In all my math classes I have come across many different teaching styles that teachers like to use in their classrooms. If it were not for Mrs. Mosley’s teaching style, I may
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My teacher, Mrs. Mullen, moved at a significantly faster pace than what I had become accustomed to in middle school; therefore, I struggled in the beginning of the year and questioned my ability to do well in her class. After getting used to her pace, I excelled in her class as I had in past math classes. After a more challenging year in her class, I qualified to be in AP Statistics my sophomore year. Throughout elementary, middle, and the first year of high school, I had outstanding math teachers that thoroughly explained everything that the students needed to know, but my AP Statistics teacher was not so great. Even though the year in a college level math class was difficult, I handled it fairly well with teaching myself the units that she did not cover. There were times that she did not even feel like teaching so we would have a “soak day” in which we simply studied material that we had gone over in the unit up until that point. After constantly worrying about my grade, I earned a 96 and got a 4 on the AP Exam (no thanks to my teacher). This past year, my junior year (I’m doing dual enrollment), I took accelerated precalculus with Mrs. Munsey. Her class was extremely easy for me, and I earned a 100 by the end of the year. The only hard part about precalculus for me was memorizing trigonometric identities which did not require much effort either. Her teaching style worked extremely well for me and completing the homework was a breeze since she went over in depth examples in

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