Essay on My Writing And Writing Skills

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This year in English 101 I have learned a lot of new writing skills. I have learned new grammar skills along with learning how to make my writing stronger by adding more details. I plan to keep working on my summaries because as the semester has gone on, I have learned how to make my summaries better than they have been. In the future, I will use my writing skills a lot in the profession I plan to go in which is education. I will have to write letters home to parents and I will need to make them professional along with parents I will also have to write letters and emails to other faculty. Altogether I think my writing as improved a lot from this course, and it can be seen from other work that I have done, which includes my reading responses and the other essays I have written. I believe that my written has improved this year in English 101 by my improvement in my summaries ,my grammar in writing and by preparing me for English 102 and my future job.

My summaries have improved quit a lot in English 101. As the semester has gone on I have realized certain aspects of my summaries were not correct and needed some improving. When looking at my summaries and having a peer also look over them, I have noticed that I am giving to much away from the story. Looking back at the first summary I had to write for this class, I concluded that I need to just say the main points in the story, instead of saying different details that the reader does not need to know. An example of this is…

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