My Theory Of Writing And How I Believe It Has Impacted My Writing Skills

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I am writing you a letter to tell about my theory of writing and how I believe it has impacted my writing skills throughout my college education. Before I was enrolled in your English class, an Introduction to Writing Studies, I was unsure of my ability as a writer. I mentioned throughout my childhood I did not have a stable home environment, my family was forced to move, numerous times due to financial reasons. During these years I constantly changed school systems, the curriculum varied depending on what town or state you reside in. As a result, I felt I never developed or established the skills necessary to become a successful writer. I feared all my chances of developing these skills were lost. Presently, the semester is almost complete, I have acquired some knowledge and skills, with practice, I believe I can improve my writing skills. My theory about writing is “It is not innate, it is a learned behavior, drafting is necessary, and with practice, an individual can improve, and become a better writer”.
My first semester at college was challenging, I enrolled at Manchester Community College. Since I graduated high school in 1993 the college required me to take a placement test, which placed me in English 101. My English Composition class was not like the one mentioned in our textbook Naming What We Know. In the sectioned titled “Threshold Concepts in First-Year Composition” Doug Downs and Liane Robertson believed that the first year composition should vary a lot from…

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