My Reflection On The Black Spots Dancing Essay

1259 Words Aug 23rd, 2015 null Page
The black spots dancing under my eyelids disappeared, returning my mind to clarity. I turned around to look at my reflection in the metal bed post. Red, glassy eyes stared back at me. My hands removed the thick bandage wrapped around my head. My cheeks were puffy as I struggled to breathe in. I was in ruins. Weakness took over me and I sobbed. No tears came from the dry ducts that had once been pretty blue eyes. I couldn’t see anything past the bed, a white curtain was pulled around the entire area. “Scarlett!” A man’s voice sounded from behind the room, he came running in with relief in his eyes. He yanked back the curtain and stared at me through watery eyes.
“Dad.” I choked. His arms found mine and I sat in his embrace, avoiding the pain I felt when I moved head. A lady stood at one of the counters, making her way over to us. “Where am I?” I asked him. “The Arrow, in its hospital wing. I argued we’d take you to an actual hospital, but they already started working on you. They advised against it. I know you can protect yourself Scarlett, but now you’re going out to find the danger. I was so worried.” His eyes scattered in every direction as he held me, shaking me back and forth. It pained me to speak and I lacked the proper words to say so I stayed silent. “She still needs much rest, Chris.” The woman by the counter spoke. “We’ve kept her hydrated. Please, give us some time, and I will allow you to see her again. Let me do some explaining.” “Okay.” He shuddered.…

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